Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Stamping With Allie Gower: Daisy Teacup

I think it's interesting to discover where other stampers find inspiration for their projects. In Allie Gower's interview, she said, "Wow, I get asked that a lot. I find inspiration EVERYWHERE. At times, it’s almost overwhelming. I sometimes have to use a sketch or make a list of mundane things just to bring me back down from an inspiration high.

"When I need inspiration, I look a lot at ads, especially fashion magazines and high end stores, because they’re usually really well designed as far as composition--balance, color, etc. I just plug in the theme I’m going for, and everything else falls into place."

One thing that made me laugh was her reply to the part asking for a little-known fact about herself. She said, "I'm seriously geographically impaired. I could get lost going next door, so please, leave a trail of bread crumbs!"

When I saw this week's project, I thought, "Why not cupcake crumbs instead? That sounds even better to me!" Just look at this gorgeous cupcake box she made:

Allie used 11096MC Daisy Bouquets Clear Set, drawn by artist Vicki Schreiner:

Here's a closeup of the box front, which features one of the pretty images from the set (also available as 2893J Daisy Teacup in wood mounted):

Not only did Allie blend the colors beautifully on the image, but the patterned paper panels and pearls add a lovely touch.

And check out the layering:

That's right, she double-stacked them with foam tape for extra dimension!

The cut-out top was left open on this sample, but you could easily adhere Clear Cardstock underneath to "seal" this area if you wanted:

Allie described her stamping style in five words: You can do this too!

"That’s my style, she said. "Stamping should be fun for everyone, and I used to try and find all kinds of amazing new techniques with strange products, and I’m while I’m not completely over that chemist phase now, I find that I want to do simpler things that others can easily do as well."

Want to make your own decorated cupcake box? To create the basic box shape, Allie had an AccuCut die. Or you could use the CCBX01 Cupcake Box Pattern Template from our sister company Darcie's for another version.

* * *

I've sure enjoyed having Allie as our Inky Guest Designer in March, and I hope you have, too! Please join me in thanking her for sharing such fantastic projects with us.

As for Allie's parting comments? She had these "words of stamping wisdom" to pass along:

Be fearless. Like what you create, learn from what you don’t, and allow your style to grow with you. Don’t rely on the approval of others to dictate what you do. If you love what you do, do it a lot, and become good at it.

Keep sharing, the right audience will find you. If you’re finding that your skills are stagnating, take a class or try something new. Hone and stretch the skills you’ve attained. If you love what you’re doing, you and your work will shine. You’ll be happy, and we’ll know it.


Chelsea said...

what a fun box!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

So nice to "see" you, Ms. Chelsea. :-) I was sorry to have missed you in Rockford!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

This is a beauty! Love the colors and beautiful image

Marie said...

Thank you, Allie for all the beautiful inspiration during this past month.

Sue D said...

Thanks Allie for all your inspiration.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Awesome final project! Looks beautiful and I bet it tastes great too!!! :)

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