Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Believe Rabbit

It's raining rabbits today...lots and lots of our 10303J Believe Rabbit, drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung. Check out this terrific trio, for instance:

These adorable cards were created by Lana Lepinski. They're so cute, I wanted to give you a closer peek at each one. You can click on each of the photos to view an enlarged version, if you wish:

The above layout is simple but effective. The torn paper matting is a neat way to showcase the main image. Here is another version:

Or you can try stitched color blocking, as Lana did here:

For a completely different look, Kirsten Butts used a lighter color palette:

Kirsten outlined the rabbit with a light grey marker, which helps make the image stand out. She used watercolors and left a lot of white space to give an airy feeling to this "girly" card.

This "boy version" created by Heather Nichols, with its kraft cardstock panel and white-inked edges, is just as appealing:

Or you can use bolder patterns and more paper choices to really add "oomph" to your card, as Lana did with this one:

No matter how you choose to design your cards, it's all about having fun. Hope you have a "hoppy" day, Inky friends!

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