Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Flower Chick

Our 10818G Flower Chick stamp (drawn by artist Ronnie Walter) is a classic Inky favorite because it can be used for a variety of occasions:

This colorful card, designed by Lana Lepinski, was featured on our main Inky website a while back:

And I'd created this treat box for a blog project using our X2-2940 Square Box Template:

But, of course, there are so many other fun possibilities! "Chick out" these cute cards by Debbie Fisher:

The darker color palette is an interesting change of pace, don't you think? Here's another:

I love the contrasting orange and slate blue shades on this one: 

Joyclynn Reynolds made a sweet little notecard and added a sparkly rhinestone for the chick's flower:

The two sets of layered and scalloped circles on Karyn Campbell's card make for a unique layout:

Heather McNally arranged them a bit differently on hers, and she used patterned paper that mimics the scalloped shapes:

It's hard to "peck" a favorite...I hope you enjoyed them all!


Sue D said...

Cute cards and treat box--such and adorable chick!

Deloris said...

Very cute! Love all of them!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Thank you, Sue and Deloris. Appreciate your kind comments. :-)