Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Funnies: More Menu Humor

A couple of months ago, I'd posted funny menu items that were mostly a result of problems with translation. But sometimes mistakes are just simple typos. We recently ordered a pizza, and this flyer was attached to the box:

Not one, not two...but three times. Glad they make pizza (which is pretty darn good, in my opinion) instead of publishing books!

On, someone posted that they'd once seen a newspaper advertisment for a local restaurant's New Year's Eve menu: "Somewhere between conception & execution, the u in Breast of Duck got turned into an i. The day the ad ran, the phone wouldn't stop ringing. The next week, they ran an ad that just said That was Breast of Duck."

Another reader noted that he's seen a Monte Crisco on a couple of menus. And a third reader spotted one that featured Belgin waffle with berry compost. Seriously.

In other cases, location is everything. Putting a label in the wrong spot can cause some serious misunderstandings, such as this unusual kids' meal:

Or this, um, special beer garden:

I'm not sure if the pet store next door thought very carefully about this, or perhaps they did:

Anyone in the mood for Chinese takeout?