Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Necklace Lady Strikes Again

Do you remember back in January when I posted about the Necklace Lady From Mesquite? As you may recall, her real name is Debbie Haney, and I'm so excited to see her again at the Great American Scrapbook Convention this week.

(In fact, this post has been pre-scheduled since I'm already in Arlington as you read this. Tex, her husband, and I--along with the rest of the AGW & Friends gang--are setting up the booths today. She knows what a slave driver sparkling conversationalist I can be, and I am grateful for her hard labor willingness to hang out with me during the show. Now, that's a dedicated DT member!)

Well, Debbie sent me a surprise package that was filled with her beautiful flower pins:

Each one is so pretty, and I love her presentation on the tags:

I don't even want to remove them because they look so nice just as they are:

Hmm, to wear or not to wear? Maybe just one...

And speaking of flowers, we've got an exciting new stamp set that will be released on the main Inky website starting in June. If you like floral embellishments, you're gonna be a happy camper. I can't wait to show you on Friday!


Sue D said...

Very pretty and a great way to present them.

Debbie Haney said...

Oh, thank you, Jackie! I can't wait to see you! (and all the pretties in your booth too!) And by all means...take those pins off those tags and wear them! :) (You might be surprised what's underneath! haha) A big Texas welcome! See you soon!