Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Necklace Lady's Studio

Peeking at other people's studios has always interested me, so when Debbie Haney (aka the Necklace Lady from Mesquite) told me about her craft room, I begged her to send photos so I could see it.

Once I looked at her pictures, I knew I had to ask if I could share them with our Inky blog friends! Want to take a tour with me?

Let's start with the lovely Necklace Lady herself:

Check out these cool cabinets, which were built by the Necklace Lady's Husband using old church windows:

Got mail? Just one of the many fun details in Debbie's studio:

I love the glass canning jars for storage, which are sitting next to two tags made by Ted in show demos at the Stampers Anonymous booth:

Mr. Haney also made the paper shelf shown at left. What a rainbow of pretty colors:

Debbie says, "Racks save space!" I can tell that she knows this firsthand. Boy, there are a lot of goodies in there:

Another one of Debbie's treasures is this plaque given to her by a friend:

More cabinets with church windows, and notice the lower desk doors with inset antique house shingles circa 1900:

Here's a closeup view of the back, and the handy drawers revealed inside:

Another stash, with ribbon holders made from dowels and painted rubber stamp wood mounts:

Besides making cabinets, paper racks, desk doors, and ribbon holders, Bob Haney creates all kinds of awesome birdhouses, like this one-of-a-kind croquet birdhouse:

He also sandblasts those old shingles shown earlier and makes frames for them, which form the perfect base for Debbie to paint beautiful saltbox house scenes:

So there you have it...such a great crafting space, owned by an amazing lady and her equally amazing hubby. Thanks to the Haneys for sharing and to you for visiting!


Shalady said...

Ohhhh...can I come over and play? My mom taught me to clean up my messes and I promise to take real good care of your crafting loot! :) LOVE your craft room!

Debbie K. said...

Great room! Wish I could borrow Debbie to make mine more functional. Thanks for sharing:)
- DebbieK

Sue D said...

Wow--fabulous craft room and a very talented couple!

Debbie Haney said...

Thanks for the kind words! We love sharing the creative process. I sure am thankful for a supportive husband and a creative partner! :) Jackie, thanks for the encouragement and sharing your talent with us!