Thursday, May 24, 2012

Triangle Treat Follow-Up

On Tuesday, we showed several fun ways to use our 10215V Triangle Treat Template stamp:

Thought I'd follow up today with a "bonus idea" that Valerie Johnson shared with me. She's a lovely customer whom I met at the Great Lakes Mega Meet Show earlier this month:

She used the boy pieces from 11041SC Kid Maker Clear Set to decorate her treat box:

Then she added a square piece of black cardstock (with a little "v" piece glued underneath to attach it to the top edge of the treat box), button, and yarn to create this awesome project:

Brilliant, right? What a perfect party favor or small gift for all those graduation open houses coming up!


Shalady said...

LOVE THIS!! How creative Valerie! Thanks for sharing!!!

Debbie H. said...

Brilliant! What a darling idea, and I love the mortarboard! Thanks for sharing, Valerie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jackie for posting my little graduation triangle box. What a nice surprise.


Sue D said...

Very cute idea!

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