Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Triangle Treat Boxes

Have you heard of our 10215V Triangle Treat Template stamp:

It's a pattern stamp, which means you follow the simple assembly instructions shown here to create a basic triangular-shaped treat box.

This stamp is nice to have because you don't have to trace with a pencil or use a ruler to create your pattern...just stamp and it's ready to put together. Handy!

But it becomes super handy when you need to make several boxes, like these pretty ones by Linda:

You can choose a patterned cardstock for your base, such as this one (also by Linda):

Or you can select a solid base and add a stamped image, as Debbie Fisher did in this owl-dorable sample (featuring 1591F Owlexander, drawn by artist Ronnie Walter):

My version contains a background (1393F Bird Tracks) and a main image (10715G Flossie, drawn by artist Janie Miller):

Instead of a main image, try adding a peek-a-boo window, as Tex Gerard did in this charming one:

This is another example with a window, created by Amanda, a lovely customer at last year's Akron show:

If you want to get really fancy, we've got an entire collection of clear stamp sets that have been specifically designed to be used with the 10215V Triangle Treat Template stamp. You can create 25 different characters, such as this cute duck and owl:

You can also turn the boxes into characters based on your own ideas, such as Debbie's Easter chick box (which inspired the duck above):

Or this funny clown by Julie Pitta:

Because they can be filled with all sorts of seasonal candies, Triangle Treat Boxes make great party favors. Who wouldn't love this one, made by Debbie using 10713G Fritz Frankenstein (drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung):

Or these witches' hats:

Or even candy corn:

They're great for the winter holidays, too. Steve helped me create this bouquet with 10938SC Christmas Character Maker Clear Set (drawn by artist Ronnie Walter):

I also love this "heavenly" one by Chris Peterson:

And all starting with one little box template!


Chelsea said...

I love these boxes!

Shalady said...

I have this great stamp - but haven't pulled it out yet to use. SHAME ON ME! You've proven that it is good for all occasions (or no occasion!) - and is just downright cute no matter how you use it. I definitely going to have to check out the stamp sets that go with it! Thanks for the inspiration! So cute!

Sue D said...

These are all so cute and can be customized to so many occasions.

Anonymous said...

oh, wow, i am so surprised to see my little treat boxes here; thank you! i just love the duck - he's too cute!

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