Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Funnies: Decorative Cat

We have a nice wood fireplace mantel in our living room, and I was thinking we might decorate it with a couple of candlesticks and other coordinating elements to achieve a look similar to this:

But when Boo claimed it as his own, I thought...hmm, we could adorn it with our cat instead:

Which brings me to the "funny" part for today. This is one of my favorite cartoons ever:

Yep, apparently we've got our very own Pottery Barn Cat now!


Debbie H. said...

HAHA! That is AWESOME! Looks like our 'grandcat'. :) Love your mantle. Think I'll go to Pottery Barn. :)

Sue D said...

Cats definitely rule!

Linda R. said...

Ha Ha! I have two furry furniture accessories!

Tex / Bev Gerard said...

Oh .. mine are definitely of the "Pottery Barn" thoughts. ;)