Friday, June 1, 2012

New HoneyPOP Release & Friday Funnies

As you know, our Friday blog posts are usually just for laughs...but I've got some "seriously exciting" news to share with you. Today we're unveiling the Summer Delights HoneyPOP Collection!

Please take a brief moment watch this video containing all the fun new products:

Did you happen to notice that three of the HoneyPOP Clear Sets contain flowers? Can you name them?

Yep, there are blooms galore! So in typical Friday fashion, here are a few funny floral riddles:

What were King Tut’s favorite flowers? Chrysanthe-mummies!

What did the lawyer say to the judge? Iris my case!

What does one call a country where people only drive pink cars? A pink carnation!

What did the doctor say after she gave her patient a shot? I hope thistle make you feel better!

How did the dictator gain control? He rose to power!

How did the dieter avoid eating the donuts? She kept her tulips together!


Shalady said...

WOW! I love this new set!! You guys really know your what I like!

Tami B. said...

I REALLY like these new sets, and the different ways to use the HP paper too.

Chris Heffner said...

Love the new sets!!!

Sue D said...

Fun floral riddles and I like the new products. So now you have rose, potted violet and tulip sets.

stamping sue said...

Wow! do like them! can't wait to see them in the stores so I can get them.
stamping sue

Debbie H said...

Love it all! I can't wait to make some of those fabulous flowers and borders too! I think it's going to be a HoneyPop kind of day! Thanks, Jackie!

linda said...

wow; i love the rose and violet, but also how you can make zinnias with the fabulous flowers set!

Linda R. said...


Julie said...

How do I find information about the "new borders and flower" sets featured in the video?

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