Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funnies: Heat Wave

On Wednesday, we spent the day at Steve's sister's house. Everyone was feeling a bit like this:

I believe this billboard from Nebraska echoed our sentiments:

No use complaining, because we were all in the same boat:

This weekend, we're looking forward to high temperatures in the mid-80s. It should be downright cool compared to the weather we've had lately:

Yeah, you know it’s hot when:
--You see a bird using a potholder to pull a worm out of the ground.
--Farmers are feeding crushed ice to their chickens so they won’t lay boiled eggs.
--The cows are giving evaporated milk.
--Electric bills for A/C are more than the house payment.
--You’ve canceled your Hotmail account because you didn’t like the name
--You refer only to a Celsius thermometer to enjoy summer temperatures that rarely exceed 35 degrees.
--Even the sun was looking for some shade!

Hope you stay cool, Inky friends!


Debbie H. said...

Love the funnies! It's hot here in Texas too! 'Bout time to mosey out and bring home a tall icy diet coke. Might pull out the Blue Bell...better get the spoons ready though...'cause it's heatin' up and I don't want to miss a melted bite of that creamy loveliness! ;) We 'fried' an egg on a cookie sheet last summer! Stay cool, Y'all!

Sue D said...

Very funny--I am sitting here in my semi cool basement trying to beat the heat. Love the last one with the popcorn.

Linda R. said...

Love the melted ice cream truck...could have been taken here in Maryland.

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Sounds like it's hot everywhere, ladies, huh? Did that egg thing seriously work, Debbie?

Debbie H. said...

Jackie, it did! It took awhile. We tested it first on the sidewalk, but it wasn't the hottest part of the day. So we put it on foil (not a good idea...didn't get hot enough.) Then..we put it directly on a cookie sheet in direct sun (and it was hot!). It looked a bit 'dried up'...haha...but I'd say it was a success. It was during "Grammy Camp", so the kids got a kick out of it. I have to was August heat!