Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Funnies: Summer Olympics

In honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, I present to you these humorous double entendres and other goofy quotes supposedly uttered by various sports commentators during previous games.

Although they cannot be verified by Snopes, hopefully you'll find them quite funny nonetheless.

Dressage commentator: "This is really a lovely horse, and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother."

Golfer: "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father."

Boxing analyst: "Sure, there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious."

Softball announcer: "If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again."

Football coach: "Well, either side could win, or it could be a draw."

Basketball analyst: "He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact, you can see it all over their faces."

Football coach: "I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel."

Soccer commentator: "Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field."

Golf commentator: "One of the reasons Arnie [Arnold Palmer] is playing so well is that, before the final round, his wife takes out his balls and kisses them...Oh my God, what have I just said?"

Let the games begin!


Linda R. said...

Thanks for my Friday smiles!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Absolutely, Linda! Thanks for tuning in. :-)

Sue D said...

Very funny!

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