Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Stamping With Tina Covington: Snowy's Woodland Pals

Tina Covington always has a glass of iced tea with her, all year round, in her stamp shack. (It's a freestanding metal building on her property.)

Even if her Texas winters don't get cold enough for snow, that doesn't stop Tina from stamping with 11137MC Snowy's Woodland Pals Clear Set (drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung):

She used it to create this delightful side step card, with layers of snowmen and their furry friends:

To form the base, you can find a photo tutorial on Splitcoaststampers here.

"When you make a card that you won't be sending right away," Tina suggests, "always take the time to add coordinating panels to the inside of your card that will match what you created on the front of your card.

"You can possibly add a sentiment later, but it is a real hassle if you have to find the exact color cardstock or designer paper you used months ago.

"When I had my store, I rarely did the insides, even when I taught classes. But, the first year I didn't have my store, I made over 200 cards and quickly realized how important this one little step can be!"

Tina followed her own advice and decorated the inside of her card beautifully:

How fun is that? Psst...join us on Tuesday for another card using the same stamp set!


stamping sue said...

step cards are so much fun and this one is no exception. Wonderful step card. thanks for sharing
stamping sue

Sue D said...

Such a cute scene with the step card and I like the tip about making sure you decorate the inside of your card.

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