Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Two Ways With Colored Pencils

When I first started stamping many years ago, I was a "true blue" colored pencil gal...and I still am to this very day! The only difference is that I used to just apply shades of color to build up several layers, and I was done.

Then a talented lady named Debbie Gimbel introduced me to Gamsol, and I'd loved it ever since. We've enjoyed spreading the word about Gamsol for the past decade, and we're always delighted to hear our customers' enthusiasm for this wonderful product.

I thought you might find it interesting to examine the difference between colored pencils with and without Gamsol. One of our newest Inky artists, Nancy Baier of Shady Tree Studio, recently did that using her 11109SC Balloon Flight Clear Set:

First she created this beautiful card:

She colored the image with pencils and blended with Gamsol. You can see how the color appears soft and smooth, yet bright:

Then, as a contast, she made this lovely version:

The difference is that she simply colored with the pencils but didn't use Gamsol. Notice how the "tooth" of the paper and more distinct lines of color are visible:

That's the cool thing about colored pencils...you can get two separate looks using them, just by choosing to blend with Gamsol or not!

In her blog entry, Nancy has additional photos comparing the two techniques along with several handy tips, which you can read about here.

This stamp set contains separate balloon and cloud images, so you can position them where you like. Nancy stamped them on scrap cardstock and fussy cut them out. Then she popped up the balloon with foam tape and adhered the cloud flat onto the card:

I know that many of you have used Gamsol with your colored pencils. Have you also tried using your pencils by themselves? Do you have a preferred method? We love to hear about your experiences!


Sue D said...

Before I saw Gamsol demonstrated by Debbie at a convention I used colored pencils by themselves. Now I usually like the blended look of the pencils with the Gamsol better.

stamping sue said...

I, too use color pencils straight on thier own and with gamsol when I want that blended look. thanks for sharing your ideas.
stamping sue

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