Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Funnies: Altered Signs

When I was in eighth grade, our math book was called Using Algebra. The title was spelled out in white letters across the front cover, on a dark background.

My friend Betsy received her copy with the letters L, G, and E blackened out with ink. I know this is juvenile, but it still makes me giggle when I think of an entire book devoted to explaining how to wear female undergarments!

It reminded me of these signs that have been added to or altered, resulting in some humorous results. Here is one, for example, that just cracks me up:

Not to make light of a dire situation, but you gotta laugh at this:

I've run across a bunch of stop sign photos that are no longer in their original state, but this one is probably my favorite:

Although I can't really advocate the destuction of public property, who can disagree with this message:

Finally, it's not an altered sign, but the unintentional meaning that resulted from adding the sale banner is hilarious:

Which one do YOU like best?


Anonymous said...

Linda Rad said:

I think my favorite is the stop sign, that would be sure to make someone take a second look! That, and I am a John Wayne fan... :) Happy Friday!!

Sue D said...

Hmmm--can I pick two favorites? I like the first one with the alarmed door and the stop sign one.

Nancy said...

Gotta love the stop sign, little lady!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

So far the stop sign is the most popular, huh? Thanks for commenting, ladies! :-)

Linda R. said...

I like the alarmed door...made me laugh out loud.

Jackie Wamhoff said...

You and me both, Linda R! That one is my personal favorite.

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