Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funnies: Black Friday

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? We had an eating extravaganza! Our family members all brought yummy appetizers and desserts, while Steve and I prepared the main course dishes this year. 

If you chowed down as much as I did, then you'll be well-fortified to tackle all those big sales...if you decide to participate in Black Friday, that is.

I'm not spending my weekend at the mall, but I may do some online power shopping over the next few days.

Whether you brave the crowds or fill your cyber-carts, I hope you find lots of great deals!

(Hopefully, they'll be better than the one spotted in the above photo!)


Sue D said...

I am not one for crowds so no shopping for me.

Linda R. said...

I've always thought of Pizza as its very own food group.