Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Funnies: Christmas Auto-Corrected Texting

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but the jury's still out regarding my cell phone's auto-correct feature.

When it works, it's great. When it doesn't, it can be frustrating. Or, in today's case, totally hilarious! Check out the holiday-themed texting errors that I found on this website, starting with the one I like to call The Three Ships of Christmas:

Have you taken the children to visit Santa yet:

There's always gotta be some potty humor, right:

Speaking of bodily functions, this one literally put me in tears:

I guess those poor kids who visited Satan almost ended up with a less-than-ideal gift:

And now for our R-rated section. Hope Mom (or should I say Dad?) has a sense of humor:

Hmm, wonder where you'd find one of these:

Hope your Christmas texting goes much smoother, Inky friends!


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Cheryl said...

THank you for posting these. I am having a terrible day and really appreciated the chuckle.

Anita said...

Absolutely hilarious Jackie. I love reading these funnies. Thanks for making my day!

Sue D said...

Wow--technology can really be funny sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

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True :) said...

LOL! These all crack me up! :)

True :D

Linda R. said...

Really laugh out loud funny...I usually look at my phone before I hit send!

Anonymous said...

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