Friday, January 11, 2013

CHA Sneak Peek #4: Worldly Women

We're replacing our usual Friday Funnies post with a CHA preview that is a very fitting substitute. It's darn near impossible to look at our Worldly Women collection and not crack a smile!

Nancye Williams has a knack for drawing funny ladies that will make you chuckle, and the coordinating sayings are downright hilarious.

Take a gander at our friend Faye, for instance, who is included in 11139MC Fashionable Worldly Women Clear Set:

Wow, she's sure wearing a lot of bling...but with good reason. Everyone knows how distracting all those baubles are!

Getting older is part of life, and sometimes we just have to poke fun at ourselves. This card, which was made with 11142MC Gambling Worldly Women Clear Set, is a hoot:

There's all kinds of tongue-in-cheek humor in this collection. If you know someone who can take a bit of kidding around and enjoys being on the golf course, she is sure to love this blithe birthday greeting:

It was created using 11167MC Sporty Worldly Women Clear Set, which also contains an amusing tennis player and related sayings.

Today's final card shows a classic Inky favorite stamp, 0884K Hitting The Town, which was previously only avaiable in the wood mounted version:

Now you'll be able to get it in 11138SC Girlfriends Worldly Women Clear Set, which also includes this silly saying:

Thanks to Inky designer Michelle Pearson for providing these delightful cards...and to YOU, for visiting with us today!

Watch for these stamps (in both clear sets and individual wood mounted) plus many more appearing on the Inky website next Monday, January 14th.


Sue D said...

As I age these become more and more funny and true!

Linda R. said...

Esp love the "shuffling slower!"

Renee M said...

Fun! I especially like the jewelry one and the 3 girlfriends :)

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