Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Divine Reflections

As you may recall, last winter we released the Divine Reflections collection (drawn by artist Darby New). In December 2011, these stamps were featured on an Inky Monthly Board Program sample board:

One of the stores who carries our board program each month is Scrapbooking By Lisa. Actually, they have two locations in Ohio. The Alliance store can be found in Carnation City Mall on 2500 State Street:

The Wintersville store is inside Create-A-Room on 110 Main Street:

Tami Cashioli, a staff member at the Wintersville store, sent me an insert they put inside packages of cards that the students at her daughter's junior high school made:

Every Friday, Tami volunteers her time at the school to teach 7th and 8th graders how to create their own handstamped cards. They usually donate the finished cards to nursing home residents, who can then give them to their family and friends. What an awesome idea!

The cards they made with the Divine Reflections stamps were given to the priests during Catholic Schools Week. If you click on both the original board and insert sheet pictures, you can compare the cards close up and see the similarities and differences. Which of the students' cards do YOU like best?


Sue D said...

Love the samples from this set of stamps. The students did a fabulous job. I like eagles so my favorite is the eagle card.

Sue from Oregon said...

What a wonderful community service project!

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