Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Standing Chicken

A while back, our friend Tammy Cappolina sent me this adorable card featuring 3302F Standing Chicken (drawn by artist Janie Miller):

The bold red, yellow, and brown color scheme works perfectly on this card, don't you think?

She stamped 3300A Chicken Track repeatedly to create a background strip behind the saying, 3500D From One Chick, and added even more texture with the diamond pattern dry embossing on the base panel.

I like how she drew the dashed lines and added yellow along the edges of her image piece:

This reminded me of a charming card that Inky designer Tex Gerard had made years ago, which I retrieved from my sample basket:

Tex also defined the image piece nicely, but a bit differently. She tipped the corner-rounded edges in butterscotch ink, layered it onto a brown panel, and then matted again onto a distressed-edges piece of kraft cardstock:

The saying inside mimics the front of the card beautifully:

And below are a couple more "oldies but goodies" from Keri Lee Sereika. The warm neon colors on this one are so much fun:

Keri used the versatile 10932MC Marvelous Match-Ups Clear Set for some of her supporting images:

You can mix and match the elements to get a variety of looks, and I think the tri-cut panels are such a neat element here:

Hope YOU have a wonderful day, Inky chicks!


Sue D said...

We raise chickens so I love all of these!

Tammy C. said...

This stamp is a must for all of you "Inky Chicks" out there. Thanks for sharing my card on the blog, Jackie!

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