Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Funnies: Still A Neverending Winter

I know that I whined about the snow last Friday, but maybe I should have waited another week. Just when we thought it was all going to melt away, this got dumped on us last night:

At least it looks like someone (albeit a cartoon girl, LOL) is happy about it:

As for me, I'm ready for the cold weather to be stopped dead in its tracks:

After all, spring is supposed to be here:

At least someone is making light of it:

And if this sign applies to you, I'd like to reiterate the message:

We can't change the weather, but I'm sending warm, sunny smiles your way, Inky friends. :-)


Linda R. said...

Sorry about your snow. Spring WILL come!

Sue D said...

Very cute!

Chelsea said...

this snow is CRAZY!!!