Friday, May 17, 2013

"Friday Funnies": Clever Recycling

Today's post isn't so much "funny" as it is ingenious. But not by my own doing: My mom-in-law had forwarded this email to me...and I immediately put it into my "saved" file to share with you.

When you look at the photos, I hope you'll understand why. Let's start with this one:

Who can resist those hungry little birdies? You all know how much I love to eat!

When I first saw this picture, it made me think about what outfits were suspended in my closet, in case I should decide that I'd want to hang up my next recipe:

And take a look at this one...who thinks up these things, anyway?! Wish it was my own idea:

Oh wait, I wish this was my idea even more:

Steve and I planted a border of petunias in our perennial garden last night. How fun would it have been if we would have planted BATHTUBS instead:

And here's my personal favorite of all...teacup gardens:

You could also fill them with bird seed, which is another idea I'm definitely going to try soon.

Hope your day is turned into a fun-filled one, Inky friends!


Angelica Chambers said...

Fun ideas! I want a bathtub garden bench!!!

Sue D said...

Very clever ideas!

Linda R. said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. These are great!

Chelsea said...

These are sooooo fun!

Sue from Oregon said...

I am addicted to fun ideas like these-a pinterest addict here!