Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Funnies: Test Answers

School has been a big part of our history. Steve taught second grade for nearly ten years before changing careers in his mid-thirties, and I was a middle school English teacher from 1991 until 1997 (prior to starting Inky).

My friend Peg, whom I met while teaching, was just telling me the other day that she is definitely ready for summer vacation. She'll be working through most of it anyway, but it sounds like maybe her students are getting restless these days.

As you may recall from your own experience, the end of the school year means final exams...from elementary through college levels. Most students put forth an honest effort, but sometimes there is some wild guessing that occurs, as demonstrated on this answer sheet:

According to the story, this student's professor sent him an e-mail the following day:

Dear Michael,

Every year I attempt to boost my students’ final grades by giving them this relatively simple exam consisting of 100 true/false questions from only 3 chapters of material. For the past 20 years that I have taught Intro Communications 101 at this institution, I have never once seen someone score below a 65 on this exam. Consequently, your score of a zero is the first in history and ultimately brought the entire class average down a whole 8 points.

There were two possible answer choices: A (true) and B (false). You chose C for all 100 questions in an obvious attempt to get lucky with a least a quarter of the answers. It’s as if you didn’t look at a single question. Unfortunately, this brings your final grade in this class to failing. See you next year!

May God have mercy on your soul.

Professor William Turner

P.S. If all else fails, go with B from now on. B is the new C.

* * *

Of course, some students don't guess at all, but rather provide their own creative responses...with hilarious results!

Check out this conclusion:

My favorite answers are the literal ones, such as this:

Or this:

Or my personal favorite, which is this:

Here's a more involved response:

Hopefully, it will never get this bad in reality:

Which of these answers tickled your funny bone the most?


Juliana said...

The last one did it for me. I survived multivariate calculus and linear algebra in college, but it really felt like this.

Thanks for starting my day with a giggle!!

Regina Hamilton said...

I have to say the "Find x" was my favorite. I wanted to give that same answer.

Sue D said...

All are funny but I like the first one the most.

Linda R. said...

Hard to pick a favorite! They're all great!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Egads, Juliana, I was totally confused in linear algebra class...even with tutoring! You and me both, Regina. :-) Glad you liked them, Sue and Linda. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies!