Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday Stamping With Dina Kowal: Snapdragon Pendant

Dina Kowal and her husband have been in full-time ministry for the last 12 years. Their educational background is in linguistics and cross-cultural outreach.

"At the training center where we live, my husband teaches Bible classes," shares Dina. "I teach a basic health class, help with phonetics, and take a turn sometimes teaching the ladies in a weekly chapel time.

"We also have a small group that meets weekly that we lead together. And we homeschool! I’m also a freelance product designer (rubber/clear stamps and dies) with designs for sale through Impression Obsession, Sweet ‘n Sassy Stamps, and Our Daily Bread Designs.

"Living in a cross-cultural environment can be stressful, so I’m grateful to have a creative outlet to channel some of that away. I'm drawn to images of nature...[and] in my stamp collection, the categories that are overflowing are girls, mice, birds, flowers (especially poppies), lighthouses, coffee and tea."

So, it's no surprise that Dina chose to work with 11164MC Poppies & Snapdragons Clear Set (drawn by artist Nancy Baier):

For today's project, she decided to make a pendant. Since she already has three poppy necklaces, she chose the snapdragon stamp image.

Dina used this vibrant photo she found online for color reference:

Then she got down to business with her Touch Twin markers:

Once the image was colored, she applied a thin, even layer of Diamond Glaze on the back side of a 7/8" x 1 1/4" glass tile:

She carefully pressed it onto the image and allowed it to dry overnight:

After the glue was dry, she cut around the edges, signed the back of her piece, and coated the backof the cardstock with more Diamond Glaze:

The final steps were adding a small bail to the back and threading the pendant onto a memory wire necklace. And, voilà, her pendant was done:

I think anyone would be delighted to wear this stunning necklace, and you can see how easy it was to make. Thanks to Dina for sharing her lovely creation with us!


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Wow! This is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift this would make!

Sue D said...

This is beautiful Dina--thanks for sharing how you made this.

Diana N. said...

The pendant is so striking! Thanks for sharing how you made it.

Nan G said...

Gorgeous pendant! So easy to make too. Thanks for sharing the steps.

marcia said...

Beautiful! Can you expand as to how the bail is attached? I am not sure what it looks like when you purchase it and if you just glue it. (If so would you use diamond glaze). Thank you for sharing your gorgeous project!

Dina Kowal said...

Marcia - hopefully you'll pop back to read this. The bail is attached with the same Diamond Glaze. The loop sits forward a little over the top of the tile, and the lower part is flat, slightly textured.

Sandy said...

Lovely pendant! You colored it so pretty! God bless your ministry and keep safe as He watches over you.

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