Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Swirly Bees

Thought I'd buzz by today with a few projects featuring 11154MC Swirly Bees Clear Set (drawn by Inky artist and designer Trudy Sjolander):

This simple yet adorable card was created by True using her own stamps and printed paper:

Debbie Fisher used V1-1223 Rectangle Box Template as the base for her bee-utiful treat box:

For a unique accent, Judy Rozema had a great idea to die-cut hexagonal pieces from True's Sunny Day on White printed paper, which mimicked a honeycomb pattern:

I just love Lisa Lara's cheerful card...and how she curved the saying to match the bee hive, which she explains on her blog:

Lisa also made this delightful Valentine (which could easily be adapted for an everyday card), with the bee attached to a strip of clear cardstock so it looks like it's hovering in mid-air:

Hope you have a hap-bee day, Inky friends!


Sue D said...

All these creations are bee-utiful!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Thank you for always taking the time to comment, Sue. :-) I appreciate you!

Sue from Oregon said...

These are all great!

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