Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Swirly Dragonflies

Come fly with us! This week's card on our main website features 11157MC Swirly Dragonflies Clear Set (drawn by Inky artist and designer Trudy Sjolander):

Here's another lovely card that True created, showing other stamps from the same set:

Debbie Fisher gave these stamps a completely new twist by cutting out the dragonfly image and using it to decorate our X2-2940 Square Box Template. to make this adorable treat box:

To add movement and even more dimension, the cut-out dragonfly can also be popped off the card (such as with a bent strip of clear cardstock), as Sean Fetterman did with his cheery greeting:

While he was making this home decor item, Joe Rotella apparently had the exact same thought:

I've only shown you a peek of Joe's sparkly creation...but you can click here for all the details and more photos. Hope you enjoy!


Sue D said...

Wonderful dragonfly creations!

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