Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Stamping With Vicki Garrett: Marvelous Match-Ups

Last Friday's post showed how sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Today's card from Vicki Garrett illustrates this concept in action...stamping style!

"I am a person that enjoys variety in all aspects of my life, so I’m not surprised that my style fluctuates with my mood," she says. "I’m not a creature of habit or routine, which seems to be apparent in my artwork."

Vicki started with images from 10932MC Marvelous Match-Ups:

"I am a very visual person, so I think a lot of [inspiration for my projects] is stored in my head," she explains. "Because I’m a busy chick, I don’t have a lot of time to spend online, however I see colour combinations in nature and in my daily travels."

I'm not sure how Vicki decided to combine yellow, magenta, orange, light green, and violet blue...but it's a delightful and surprising mix of bold colors that work great together! She randomly scattered them across the panel using the flower petal, plaid center, leafy stem, and polka dot elements:

The saying is from 11153MC Sewing Mousie Clear Set, which Vicki featured earlier this month. She embellished it with a corduroy button threaded with hemp twine, which adds a whimsical touch along with a bit of texture:

Then she double matted the panel and placed it onto her card front:

Super simple yet totally awesome! You'll be able to whip up a bunch of these quickly, and then get back outside to enjoy the summer weather.

Ink: Grape, Guava, Tangerine, Banana, Licorice - Stephanie Barnard by Colorbox, Jalapeno - Clearsnap Colorbox

Paper: Various Cardstock - SU

Accessories: Hemp Twine, Word Window Punch - SU, Corduroy Button


Sue D said...

Very fun and interesting color combination. I like the corduroy button.

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