Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Snapdragons

Several years ago, one of my very first flower garden successes was growing snapdragons. I remember sitting outside for quite a while one sunny evening, gently squeezing the sides to make the "dragon" open and close his mouth, and being entertained by this simple delight.

These flowers have held a special place in my heart ever since. That's why I was excited when artist Nancy Baier drew a snapdragon cluster, which is part of  11164MC Poppies & Snapdragons Clear Set:

Last month, you saw Dina Kowal's gorgeous pendant made with this stamp:

We also featured a very pretty card by Michelle Pearson in our Idea Showcase:

I thought you might be interested in looking at Nancy's first project using this image...before it even became a stamp:

That's right, she drew it in her sketchbook and then turned it into a card. You can see it's a bit different than the final version, but close enough so that you could create a very similar one using your stamps.

And that's an awesome thing about stamps...they are perfect for those of us who cannot draw (like me!) but still want to create using images. Anyone can learn to color and blend, especially with Gamsol and pencils, and then put together a simple layout.

Here is Nancy's most recent snapdragon card with a lovely vintage appeal, made with her actual stamp set this time:

Her highlights and shadows really make the image stand out:

You can read more about Nancy's process in her blog post. Thanks to Dina, Michelle, and Nancy for sharing their wonderful projects!


Jennifer Scull said...

what an absolutely gorgeous stamp set! love the cards shown with it, too. :)

Sue D said...

My grandmother grew snapdragons and I used to love to play with them.