Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Tea Time Washstand

I'm not usually a big tea drinker, but recently I picked up a few boxes of different flavors at the grocery store. I thought it might help me to cut back on my diet pop consumption, and better to replace it with something natural.

However, I haven't yet cracked open my first box. Perhaps if I had a lovely fixture like the one in 11148MC Tea Time Clear Set (drawn by artist Nancy Baier) sitting in my kitchen or dining room, I might remember to fetch myself a "cuppa" each morning:

Michelle Pearson featured the Tea Time Washstand image (0543K in wood mounted) and You're My Cup saying (0532E in wood mounted) in this pretty card:

Michelle fussy cut the image so she could place it over a layered background of designer cardstock from Darcie's. Then she dyed and crinkled the seam binding, using a technique that was first introduced by Sherry Cheever in this video tutorial when she was our Guest Designer last April.

When Nancy Baier started experimenting with her stamps from this collection, you can see how she "rearranged the furniture" in a vertically oriented card:

She also "refinished" the washstand in a different color, changed the linens, and replaced the flowers in her vase...all with a just few alterations in the color palette!

In this close-up view, you can see how she stamped the image with sepia ink (instead of black) and blended some yellow tones into her coloring to add dimension:

Nancy explained this project in greater detail in her blog post, which is posted here. Hope you have a tee-rific day, Inky friends!


Jennifer Scull said...

love love love this set by Nancy! but then I'm such a fan of anything she draws! :)

the cards are fabulous!

Sue D said...

Fabulous set and cards. I have a similar washstand in my house.

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