Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Funnies: Exercise

I'm embarrassed to admit that, since we've been together for the past five years, Steve and I have each gained more than 40 and 25 pounds, respectively.

It was so easy to do. I love to cook, we both love to eat, and neither of us particularly enjoys exercising.

In fact, I do almost anything I can to avoid it. Never mind that I feel better afterward and there are so many health benefits. I just don't like to sweat.

Last winter, my mom offered to buy us an elliptical machine, if I'd agree to use it just a mere half-hour per week. And, sadly, I couldn't even commit to that!

I don't know if I was struck by lightning and it caused a sudden brain snap or what, but finally I realized that we both needed to start moving our bodies more.

I bought a Groupon deal for a nearby fitness studio that Steve and I could use together. The sessions only last 30 minutes each, so they don't take up that much time. But they sure seem to pack a punch.

We started on Monday, and today will be workout #5. Holy cow, I never knew that I had so many muscles...but now I can feel all of them screaming at me. They're begging for me to stop!

But we'll persevere, at least for our month-long membership. By then, perhaps I will be bitten by the exercise bug. (I can't really imagine that happening, but you never know, right?)

Have YOU been following a fitness regimen? If so, I'd love to hear about it!


Jennifer Scull said...

these are too funny! okay, I'll think about thinking about starting to exercise next week.....

take it easy on those muscles! ;)

Linda R. said...

Congratulations on getting started. I've been riding my bike six days a week for many years...lots of hard work, but now its habit. I HAVE to do it! Thanks for the smiles and good luck! PS: Tell your mom I'd love that elliptical machine!

Sue D said...

These are great! I would rather exercise by working in the garden but sometimes it isn't enough so I use my exercise bike.

Katie said...

Great exercise funnies! And thanks for sharing your story. Now that the pools are open I am trying to swim. Good luck and I hope you are able to stick to it. That is the part I have always had trouble with.

Katie B.