Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Funnies: Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Guess what? Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. If I had known about this holiday years ago, I would have celebrated it regularly and with great enthusiasm!

But you know that Steve and I have been trying to eat more carefully these days, at least most of the time. That means my treat is more apt to look like this:

Oh yeah, a rice cream sandwich with Sugar Free Cool Whip air. ;-)

Actually, it's not that we still don't indulge every once in a while. We're just trying not to make it a daily habit. The real problem, though, is I've become lactose-intolerant as I've gotten older.

It's very sad, because I absolutely love ice just doesn't love me back anymore. Nowadays, this is probably the only kind of ice cream that I could stomach well:

Getting back to NICS Day, the fun thing about ice cream sandwiches is that you can really get creative if you're making them at home.

Earlier this summer, Steve got an ice cream maker and made apple pie ice cream. I baked oatmeal cookies to go with it, and we had a sweet delight on our hands. Rum raisin ice cream would have been a nice accompaniment, too. In fact, there are all sorts of possible combinations.

One way to add variety is by changing up the outside layers. Check out this new dessert from Carl's Jr.:

Or, instead of Pop-Tarts, you could use donuts on the outside:

Then there's the inside, which can be any number of flavors. I'm not sure what buttered popcorn ice cream would taste like, but apparently someone has tried it:

In Rehoboth, Delaware, you can order up a bacon ice cream cone (or even chocolate-covered bacon, if you need a cocoa fix):

Think that's strange? Not even close! In Merida, Venezuela, there is a shop that sells cheese-flavored ice cream with bits of spaghetti:

At least they omitted the tomato sauce. But lots of other people have been experimenting with all kinds of savory, spicy, and even pungent, ingredients. How does a scoop of garlic ice cream sound:

Or burning hot Tabasco:

At Max & Mina's in Flushing, New York, you can sample a wide array of unusual flavors. The champagne ice cream doesn't sound too bad to me, but personally I'm not keen on the idea of horseradish, wasabi, Nova lox, or pizza ice cream:

If you travel to Asia, there are a bevy of bizarre choices, including squid ice cream:

And that's not even the worst, folks. I ran across a few more add-ins that were even less appealing (in my mind), but I'll leave that up to your imagination. For now, I think we'll stick with the plain ol' chocolate-and-vanilla kind at our house!


Linda R. said...

Wow! who would have known!

Sue D said...

Wow--who knew there were so many odd flavors of ice cream!

Eve said...

Never had that last one, but it says in Japanese "Octopus Ice cream". Did you try these?? Were there any chunks of Octopus in it?? I'm now so curious. haha cuz Octopus even doesn't have any strong flavor...

Jackie Wamhoff said...

I know, aren't some of those flavors just crazy-sounding to us? Eek, nope, Eve...I haven't ever seen the octopus ice cream in person, but if I did, I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to try it!