Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Funnies: Flower Shop

This week, I scheduled a flower delivery for my friend's birthday, which is part of her present every year.

It's not due to be sent until next month, so I hope all my advance planning will turn out okay. It reminded me of today's joke that I've been saving until just the right moment...which apparently is today!

Mix-up at the Flower Shop

A restaurant that had been very successful was moving to a new, bigger location. One of the restaurant owner's friends decided to send a big bouquet of flowers for the happy occasion.

On the day of the restaurant’s grand opening, a big bouquet of flowers arrived, but the owner was puzzled by the card that came with it. It said: “Rest in peace.”

The restaurant owner called his friend and told him about the card. The friend was so angry that he actually went to the flower shop to complain about the mistake.

The clerk at the flower shop apologized and said, “Sir, if it’s any consolation, there’s a funeral taking place on the other side of town, and the card that came with their flowers says, 'Congratulations on your new location.'"


Linda R. said...

Hee Hee! Love flowers and flower shops! Bet they have lots of interesting stories.

Jennifer Scull said...

love this! I really needed the giggle today! thanks!

have a great weekend !:)

Sue D said...

Very funny! My brother-in-law used to be a funeral director and he joked about putting funeral wreaths in our front yard when we were digging multiple holes trying to figure out a water problem.