Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Funnies: Halloween Preparations

Are you ready for Halloween yet, Inky friends? Like this guy, I've had pumpkins on my mind lately:

Hah, Halloween flashers...not from our neighborhood, but that would be hilarious:

Have you gotten your costume yet?

Don't forget about candy for the trick-or-treaters. In real life, I think this house would get egged:

And the holiday season is just beginning, which I love:

Speaking of treats, don't forget about our BLOG CANDY giveaway, which you can still enter until tomorrow morning.

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Jennifer Scull said...

I was having a discussion last weekend with my sons about some of the neighborhood's where I would trick or treat as a girl. one gave out record albums. thank goodness no Omega 3! grins! love the pups all dressed up, but no way would I do that to my dogs. tee hee!

enjoy your weekend!

Jackie Wamhoff said...

We used to love the house where the people owned a nearby movie theater. They gave away concession candy! Much to my dismay, my mom used to hand out peanut blossoms...I'm surprised that WE did not get egged, LOL. Happy weekend to you, too, Ms. Jennifer. :-)

Sue D said...

These are all great--I especially like the last one.
Our houses are too far apart for trick or treaters (they like to go to developments) so I don't even bother anymore now that my kids are grown. When my kids did go they usually got pretty nice treats because there were so few kids going around.

Linda R. said...

Cute! Love all those puppies!

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