Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Funnies: Gator Puns

While I was writing Tuesday's post showing you Jennifer Bradley's whimsical alligator cards, I ran across these puns. They're written by Don H. Morris, and I hope they make you laugh (or at least smile as you groan):

Some Friendly & Some Not-So-Friendly Critters
Puns Created by Don H. Morris

Friendly Critters

Della Gator
A critter who knows how to get other critters to do their work well.

Investah Gator
This critter always checks out a story before believin' a rumor.

Navah Gator
This critter is handy to have around to helop you find your way.

Mitah Gator
This critter helps you find out what happened when you fail, so it doesn't come down as hard on you as it would otherwise.

Varie Gator
A critter who changes clothes a lot.

Not-So-Friendly Critters

Insti Gator
This mean ole critter likes to start fights. Sometimes they turn into riots.

Liti Gator
This here critter is an attorney. (Write your own ending here.)

Intero Gator
This critter really knows how to ask tough questions!

Subju Gator
Another mean ole critter who likes to force other critters to do what he wants.


Linda R. said...

Ha! Never knew there were so many kinds of gators. Thanks for showing me the light....

Sue D said...

Love these!

Jennifer Scull said...

these are so cute! thanks for the giggle! :)

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