Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Gator

Starting this Friday, I'll be out of town for the next 18 of 20 days. Some of that time will be for a vacation, and the rest will be for the CHA show in Anaheim.

So even though I'll be saying "Later, gator" soon, I'll still be appearing here and there, thanks to the auto-schedule feature. It's just that my blog schedule will be a bit different than usual for the next few weeks, and now you know why. :-)

What image could be more appropriate for today's projects than 10301H Alligator, which reminds me of that common farewell saying. A while back, our friend Jennifer Bradley had created a whole series of alligator cards, starting with this clean-and-simple layout that really does make me smile:

What's better than a single alligator? Why, a bunch of them, of course!

By the way, did you know that a group of adult alligators is called a congregation, while several juveniles form a pod? (Yep, such useful information you glean here, ha!)

We've definitely got a congregation on this adorable card...don't you love those blue alligators:

This guy is backed with stripes:

But circles look nice, too, along with a cute paper-pieced critter:

Now we've got more circles, combined with a fun pocket card design:

Jennifer made this 3" x 3" mini-card for a little boy's birthday:

And then she gussied things up in a girly way, by adding a flower to this she-gator:

Please stop back this Friday for a related post!


Sue D said...

Cute gator cards. Have fun on your trip. With my boys and now my grandkids I like to say--"See ya later, alligator" and then they are supposed to respond--"After a while crocodile"

designermc said...

I love these cards. Such fun.