Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Laid Plans & Quick CHA Peek

As you know, sometimes things just don't work out quite the way you've planned. Originally, Steve and I were supposed to get back last Sunday from our vacation. I was going to be home for two days before heading out to CHA on Wednesday.

One of the items on my short list was to write a whole series of CHA "sneak peek" blog posts to share with you, and I would have had plenty of time to do that...except our flight was canceled due to storms in the Northeast, and we couldn't get rebooked to return home until Tuesday night.

So my best laid plans didn't pan out, and that is why today's post has been changed into an abbreviated preview of our new collections. I'm really excited to show everything to you in much greater detail in the upcoming weeks and months!

To celebrate Valentine's Day or simply let a friend or loved one know how much you care, the Love & Friendship Collection by Trudy Sjolander is just the ticket. This pear-fectly delightful card was made with 11229MC Sentimental Fruit Clear Set, using IA-PA008 Fruit Salad and IA-012 SweetHearts Lime printed papers:

Tammy DeYoung has done it again...and by "it," I mean creating adorable characters, such as this cute little guy in 11215MC Fishing Tiger HoneyPOP Clear Set:

This set, as well as all of our HoneyPOP sets, work great for making regular cards. Of course, you can also stamp the pattern piece onto a Honeycomb Paper Pad. Here it's shown in HCP-GLD Goldenrod to make a surprisingly large three-dimensional fishy:
For critter friends in a completely different style, the tortoise and pup in 11223MC Pet Pairings Clear Set offers a striking, bold look:
Nancy Baier's Scissor Cut Scenes Collection emulates the unique design style of Scherenschnitte folk art, and these stamps allow you to make quick cards with a minimum of coloring. They also work great for experimenting with a host of ink techniques.

We have additional surprises to present, so please continue checking back as we unveil even more exciting new products! All of these collections in their entirety will also be available on the main Inky website starting this Wednesday, so I hope you'll come back for inspiration, ideas, shopping, and more.


stamping sue said...

Oh boy! a new honeypop stamp set and the pears look like they will be a good one, too.
stamping sue

stamping sue said...

meant to say I know what the weather in northeast is like because I live there! sorry you had trouble getting back home because of our weather.
stamping sue

Sue D said...

Love the new products!

Jennifer Scull said...

I'm so sorry that the weather has thrown a kink in your plans.... love the projects you've shown. Nancy showed a board from CHA over on FB, and I am soooooooooooooo excited to see more!!!! then it's shopping time as soon as I find a Mysterious Benefactor! tee hee! but really, can't wait to see it ALL! :)

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