Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Funnies: Remember The Commas!

Tomorrow, Steve and I are driving to Chicago, where our friend Joe has been working while on an extended business trip. We're having dinner at Gibsons, which is my all-time favorite steakhouse, and I'm super excited about that!
While I was browsing around online, I happened to run across this steak-related cartoon:
Actually, it has more to do with comma humor...and that, of course, is right up my alley (being a former English teacher and all, but not that you can tell from my writing!).
As I'm sure you know, the correct use of commas is very important. Conversely, the results of their misuse can be dire:
And not just for Grandpa, but his progeny, as well:
In fact, the dangers can spread to every member of the family:
Yes, indeed, proper comma placement (especially when there is nothing at all) can be critical:
Or maybe not:
For you advanced comma users, check out this argument for sticking with the Oxford style of comma usage:

Hope you enjoyed these Inky friends. Um, I mean: hope you enjoyed these, Inky friends! ;-)


Diana N. said...

I got a chuckle. Well placed commas, indeed make a difference.

Sue D said...


Linda R. said...

Long live the comma!

Katie said...

These were wonderful examples! Very Funny! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.