Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Funnies: Real Women, Real Beauty

Inky friends, today's post isn't meant to be humorous. Instead, I'm using this forum to share a couple of YouTube videos with you, which I found in a rather roundabout way. 
As you may remember, last summer Steve and I joined a fitness studio called Fit4Life. We've really been enjoying it...well, if you can call exercise "enjoyable" (that's a tall order for me!). But overall it's been a great experience.
Since then, we've lost about 25 and 15 pounds, respectively, by exercising and eating better. Recently we started a Paleo eating plan, mainly to focus our attention on having more whole foods (veggies, protein, good fats, and fruit) and less processed junk as a way to help support our overall well-being.
Anyway, one of my favorite Paleo blogs showed this video, which I thought was so interesting:

And, in the comments section, another reader had shared the link to this second video. It actually brought tears to my eyes when I watched it:
To me, the most important takeaway is to appreciate the natural beauty in ourselves. It's not that we can't strive to be healthier or set other positive goals. But please never underestimate how lovely you are, just the way you are, right this very moment!


Linda R. said...

Great food for thought.

Katie said...

Wow, both of them made me cry. For me the hard/strange thing is just getting older and seeing the changes to your body as you get older. I could say a lot about this but I am not sure if I want to ramble on forever. Thank you for sharing the videos though, I will definitely share them with my friends and sister.

Katie B.

Sue D said...

Thanks for sharing.

Jackie Wamhoff said...

I agree, Katie, they were pretty impactful, huh! Thanks for taking the time to watch and leave your comments, beautiful ladies. :-)

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