Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Funnies: Silly Kitties

Recently our owner, Ted, took Tom to the vet. Tom is our shop's resident mascot cat, who was a stray that was found years ago, roaming the streets of Downtown Cleveland. Now he lives happily among the rolls of rubber, stacks of wood mounts, and other stamp-making materials and equipment in our production area.
While they were at the vet's office, Ted snapped a few photos of some cute designs painted on the wall near the main desk area, including this one:
Take a look at the check he's holding in his paw:
But that's not the only form of payment that "Dr. All Better" accepts. Isn't this picture just "priceless":
Yeah, because Opurrah is using a MasterDog card (ha ha!):
Of course, if you own cats like we do, you know that most of their time isn't spent shopping but rather sleeping:
(By the way, if you'd like to purchase a t-shirt with the above design, you can do that here. We're not affiliated in any way; I just wanted to mention where I found this cartoon.)
Our own Oscar and Boo definitely do their share of lounging around. Oscar has a habit of laying around in funny positions when he snoozes:
 He reminds me of this video:
 Hope your weekend is relaxing and restful, Inky friends!


Linda R. said...

Wow! Don't know which I envy more...their flexibility or their ability to sleep so soundly!

Sue D said...

Love the cartoon!