Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Funnies: April Fools' Pranks

As you know, April Fools' Day is next Tuesday. Have you planned any pranks for unsuspecting victims yet?
I've never engaged in this kind of mischief myself (no, really!), but it's fun to hear when it happens to someone you know. I'm told that Steve's dad used to enjoy securing a rubber band around the handle of the sprayer by the kitchen sink and watching his offspring get spurted with water when they turned on the faucet. Apparently, he tried this more than once and it always worked.
I'll bet Jerry would have liked attempting this idea, too...painting a bar of soap with clear nail polish and leaving it in the shower:
Or perhaps he would have tried installing an air horn as a door wall protector, if he'd known about this idea (which I'll have to ask because I'm sure he will appreciate it):
Of course, the jokes don't have to be limited to family members. It can be even better when you adapt the gags for your coworkers:
Instead of sanitizing gel, what about giving their hands some lubrication:
For both family and friends, this solid milk would be fun:
You know what goes best with milk? Yep, cookies! How about toothpaste-filled Oreos**:
(**Dislaimer: Make sure they don't actually finish eating them, as the flouride in toothpaste isn't supposed to be ingested.)
Speaking of fillings, have you tried the new mayonnaise Bavarian cream donuts: 
I'm not sure which is worse, those or the caramel "apple" onions:
For more naughty tricks, check out this webpage, which is where I found most of today's ideas. And let us know if YOU have ever participated in any monkey business like this. We'd love to hear about it!


Linda R. said...

Oh wow! The donuts and Oreos! I can't imagine.

Sue D said...

Wow--these are some creative pranks!