Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Never-Ending Square, Part 2

Last Tuesday, I posted about our new IAD-005 Never-Ending Square Die from the Crafty Cutts collection:
This innovative die, designed exclusively for Inky Antics by Michelle Cutts (who happens to be Inky's co-owner, as well as the Creative Director for our parent company, Art Gone Wild), makes a delightful project:
When you pull the Never-Ending Square out of the pouch, you can push the top/bottom or sides back and open the middle to reveal various panels...such as this:
And this:
How fun is that! I always say that hand stamped cards are great, but I really have a special place in my heart for interactive cards, such as this one.
There are four different panels on the Never-Ending Square. To decorate the sample above, we used 11234MC Birthday Birdy Clear Set (drawn by artist Candice Dillhoff):
Wanna know what else you can do with the IAD-005 Never-Ending Square Die? Here's a nicely stamped card on the front:
When you pull the tab on the bottom (which holds the card closed with a hook-and-loop fastener) and lift up the card front, an awesome pop-out panel "explodes" with a celebratory message...including an adorable birthday birdy that peeks through the square opening in the middle:
Here's the side view of this ingenious card:
And, yep, as I mentioned above, it's made with the Never-Ending Square Die. Exact same die, but totally different project than the first one...brilliant, huh!
You can download a PDF file of the instructions, or take a look at this video tutorial: 
If you'd like to see the Lift Up/Pop Out Birthday Birdy card in person, you can find it on this month's Inky Store Board Program at participating retailers:
This sample board includes several other cards, three of which also use the Never-Ending Square Die. Please click here for a list of stores who received this collection. We encourage you to call ahead to verify they have these products in stock, and then please visit them to make your purchase. 

Do you know a local stamp or scrapbook store that might be interested in our board program? Please ask them to email me for details. If they sign up for it and provide your name as a referral at that time, I'll send you a thank-you prize!
Finally, in case you missed my notice last week, I'll be teaching a class featuring the Never-Ending Square and Square Cage Dies this Thursday, March 6th (plus a HoneyPOP class later in the evening) at Scrap N' Yap in Monrovia, California. For more information, please click here and contact the store directly to sign up. I'd love to see you  in person, either there or at the convention in Carson on Saturday and Sunday!


Sue D said...

Adorable cards!

ScrappingBeauty said...

Awesome! Ar u doing a class at the oaks, Pa convention? I hope so.

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