Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Funnies: The Smartest Dog Ever

Do you remember last month when we watched that little boy arguing with his mom about having a cupcake?

Well, I realize today's video shows a dog rather than a human...but he's an adorable and very obedient dog, with no back-talking! Let's meet Jumpy:

Pretty impressive, huh? And you just gotta smile at the last eight seconds, when he finally gets to play with the squeaky ball.
If you wish, you can also check out some of Jumpy's other tricks here or visit the website of his trainer. (No affiliation, just another fan of this clever canine.) Hope you have a paws-itively wonderful day, Inky friends!


Linda R. said...

That is beyond impressive. I think that's really a human in a dog suit! Amazing that he totally understands so many commands! That little boy should take lessons from this dog. Thanks for sharing this.

Katie said...

Wow! :)


Sue D said...