Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Funnies: The Differences Between Dogs & Cats

My sister-in-law Kara posted this on her Facebook page the other day, because it reminded her of their dog and cats. I especially liked the ones at 1:00-1:35 and 2:10-2:40:
The video made me think about the difference between dogs and cats, which can be summarized in this cartoon:
Or perhaps this one:

Now, before you start getting all "hey, you're being unfair and need to show some cat love" on me, ponder this for a moment:

You gotta admit, most cats are a little more high maintenance than most dogs:
 Apparently the creator of this photo montage was pretty clear in his/her opinions:
Just for the record, in the past we've had two dogs and two cats, and right now it's just the cats ruling our household. So we definitely love both canines and felines equally. But I still had to laugh at these comparisons.
Hope you have a paw-sitively wonderful weekend, Inky friends!


Jennifer Scull said...

these are too funny! my hubby would most certainly agree with the last one. he is not the biggest cat lover around, but he put up with mine for many years because of me. of course they loved to climb into HIS lap for naptime. ;)

enjoy your weekend!

Linda R. said...

REally loved that video!

Sue D said...

Very funny and true and I like both cats and dogs.

Katie said...

Great post, loved the comparisons and video. I grew up with dogs and everyone in my family (and extended family) had the opinion that they didn't like cats. My boyfriend, of 10 years at the time, convinced me to adopt two little kitties that had been born outdoors in a friends carport. I am no longer in the long-term relationship but I now have a long-term relationship with the two loves of my life, my girls. I love all animals really, more than humans probably...I am surprised I didn't try to become a vet or work at the zoo. :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

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