Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Funnies: Homemade Signs

Last month, one of my coworkers near our main office in Cleveland saw a guy on the sidewalk carrying this sign:

Well, at least he was being honest about it...

I don’t know the person who snapped the next photo, but I appreciated this gal’s humor even more.

I think that most of us are attracted to things that are free. A long time ago, I’d watched a Candid Camera episode that showed people waiting in a green room before a live audience taping of a television show. There was a basket of landscape rocks on the table, with a “FREEOne Per Person" sign next to it.

The hidden camera recording lots of people taking a rock. Some even looked around surreptitiously before taking two or three rocks. I have no idea what they planned to do with them, but hey, they were free. Even this offer was irresistible to a few folks:

Here's an even better version, with good karma to boot:

Sometimes homemade signs are designed to offer free advice and also be funny, like this:

And this:

Or this:

Other times, just being funny is the whole point:

The humor may be intentional, as aboveor not so much, as in this case:

And, occasionally, you'll run across a homemade sign that really has a surprising punch line:
Which sign did YOU like best, Inky friends?


Katie said...

Thought the last one was really funny, but hopefully not true. And I loved the free compliments, what a good idea, and the Some things are going pretty well sign. Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Anonymous said...

Oh, definitely the husbands need a note sign! lol!

Celise McLaughlin said...

Husband needs a note was my favorite too. I shared it with him and we both got a belly laugh. Thanks for the antics!

Sue D said...

Very funny. My favorite is the free strips of paper.

Shell said...

The brownies cracked me up! Loved it.

Christine said...

Clever thinking with the brownies..... best notice!!
Thanks for sharing.

Linda R. said...

Love the Husbands must have a note sign. Too true.