Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Card Loom Die

Do you remember weaving potholders using stretchy bands as a kid:

Well, that's precisely where the idea for our IAD-004 Card Loom Die (designed by Michelle Cutts) originated! The concept is similar, but the materials have been changed.
"You can make anything out of paper," asserts Michelle. So why not a woven background for your cards? It all starts with this wafer-thin piece of metal:
It may look like just a bunch of lines, but it's in the precision and ease of using this die to make all the straight cut lines where the magic lives.
Take your strips and weave them through the die-cut lines...before you know it, you'll have a pretty woven background:

You can use designer papers, like the Darcie's printed sheets that we cut into 1/4" strips for the above card.
Or try solid colors, such as quilling paper strips, arranged in as simple or complex of a pattern as you like: 
Want to see exactly how we made these two cards? You can download a PDF file for the instructions by clicking here.
The petunia and cupcake stamp sets are from our Brushed Greetings collection, which are pretty and perfect for all kinds of occasions! They're part of the May Inky Board Program:
The IAD-004 Card Loom Die and all of the stamps shown above can be found at participating retailers this month. Please click here for a list of stores who received this collection. We encourage you to call ahead to verify they have these products in stock, and then please visit them to make your purchase. 

Do you know a local stamp or scrapbook store that might be interested in our board program? Please ask them to email me for details. If they sign up for it and provide your name as a referral at that time, I'll send you a thank-you prize! 


diane (cookiestamper) said...

wow, Jackie, that card loom die looks pretty cool! :)

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

oh my goodness! That looks like a super fun die! Beautiful card samples!!

Michelle Pearson said...

now that is a fun die! great idea! :)
I've woven paper but that looks like a far easier way!!

Celise McLaughlin said...

So many clever ideas come out of your shop.

Sue D said...

Very pretty woven backgrounds and yes I made many potholders as a child.

Katie said...

Looks like fun! I would love to try this out. Can't wait to get to my stamp store to see if they have this sample board. Thank you for sharing.

Katie B.

stamping sue said...

This die makes interesting cards. all the possibilities.
stamping sue

Mary-Anne V said...

Great cards...love the background for the cupcake card.

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