Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Funnies: Summer Vacation

Q: Why was the teacher cross-eyed?
A: She couldn't control her pupils!
Q: Where did the pencil go for summer vacation?
A: To Pennsylvania.
Q: Where do prehistoric reptiles like to go on vacation?
A: To the dino-shore!
Q: How do teddy bears keep their den cool in summer?
A: They use bear conditioning!
This evening I'm getting together with my friend Peg, who is a third-grade teacher. It's the last day of school, so we'll have to celebrate:
If you're a parent, do you like summer vacation? Or not so much? Perhaps you and the kids are planning to spend some time swimming:
Or possibly lounging in the sun:
Some people enjoy being outside, while others prefer staying indoors:
Reading is always a good way to fill one's time:
Doing crafts is also fun:
You already know which one is our favorite of them all:
10633J Creative Stamper
No matter which activities you plan to do, I hope they're lots of fun!


Jennifer Scull said...

ouch.... I am still cringing over that poor guy with the sunburn.... I hurt just thinking about him.

have a great weekend!

Sue D said...

I like the tan lines photo. I spend more time outdoors gardening during the summer but on hot humid days you will find me in the basement stamping.

Celise McLaughlin said...

This IPAD is frozen .. Sad

Jackie Wamhoff said...

Jennifer and Sue, I'll seek out less painful looking jokes next week, LOL! I know, Celise, right? :-P

Linda R. said...

Ouch...those tans hurt!