Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Funnies: The Round Thing You Eat or the Popular Math Number

As you know, this week's card on the main Inky website shows Benton the bear holding a cupcake. However, perhaps I should have posted a pie stamp set instead (such as this one, for example), given that tomorrow is National Pecan Pie Day.

This is not to be confused with National Pi Day, which already fell on March 14th this year.

Because we don't discriminate, today's jokes will feature both kinds.

Pie Chart
Why did the pie go to a dentist?
Because he needed a filling.

What do you get when you cross a snake and a pie?
A pie-thon.

What is a math teacher's favorite dessert?

What is 1.57?
Half a pi.

What do you get if you divide the circumference of an orange winter squash by its diameter?
Pumpkin pi.

What do you get when you take the sun and divide its circumference by its diameter?
Pi in the sky.

What was Sir Isaac Newton's favorite dessert?
Apple pi.

What do you get when you take a bovine and divide its circumference by its diameter?
Cow pi.

What do you get when you take green cheese and divide its circumference by its diameter?
Moon pi.

What do you get when you take a native Alaskan and divide its circumference by its diameter?
Eskimo pi.

Interestingly, there was a "strange pie" contest in Petaluma, California a few years ago. This pie was part of the challenge, but it didn't win:

Turns out this pie was the champion in the savory category:

Can you guess what flavor it was? Leave me a comment at the end of this post, telling me what you think, and this will serve as your entry to our BLOG CANDY drawing for the 11120MC Apple Pie HoneyPOP Clear Set (drawn by artist Nancy Baier):

On Monday, July 14th, I'll randomly choose the winner and post the lucky person's name here on the blog, so please check back to see if you've won!


Theresa said...

I think it's a CHEESEBURGER PIE!!!

Sue from Oregon said...

French fry pie!

stamping sue said...

It looks like french fries on top so maybe we can call it French Fry Delight pie.
stamping sue

Carol L said...

I guess we all have the same thoughts - it looks like a french fry pie! Thx for the chuckles ;)

Louise H. said...

I think this is a Shepherds Pie ina pie crust with ground beef and mashed potatoes under the French fries. It may actually taste pretty good.

Diana N. said...

I think it's a cheeseburger (shepherds pie)pie with french fries.

inkspell said...

Meat pie with French fries on top!
Gina F

Sue D said...

I found the photo online and it is a Club Sandwich with Fries Please pie--has all the ingredients of a club sandwich topped with fries. I would have never guessed this by looking at the photo. I thought it was french fries over mashed potatoes with a meat crust.

Denise Bryant said...

Looks like French fries to me too! I think I would prefer apple....

Linda R. said...

Wow! Who would have thought?

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