Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Funnies: Audience Participation

Due to an unexpected turn of events, today's post was written using a computer tablet instead of my trusty PC, which is limiting the length and scope of my content.

Because of this, I'm going to try something different: Let's open up the sharing of jokes and funny stories to YOU, our Inky blogger friends! Just tell us your best giggle-inducing bits of humor...whatever you like (PG- or G-rated, of course) and as long or short of an entry as you wish.

Post them in the comments section below, and you'll be entered in our BLOG CANDY drawing to win. We're going to keep this open a bit longer than usual, and accept contributions through Wednesday, August 13th. 

On Thursday, August 14th, I'll randomly choose the winner for a secret prize and post the lucky person's name here on the blog. I will also choose my personal favorite entry, and that person will win a prize, as well. So please take a moment to participate right now, and then be sure to check back next Friday to see if you've won!


stamping sue said...

True story: background for my husband is a retired firefighter so back (years ago) I used to put little surprises in his overnight bag when he worked night shift. This one night it was his birthday so right before he left for work I slipped in a birthday card I made for him. The fun part is I had learned how to make a confetti flinger card (remember those cards-when opened confetti flies all over the place!). Well, it was after they had dinner and my husband went into his room (at the time he was a Lt.) and found the card.....he opened it and...............kaboom! confetti flung out all over the place! he told me he let out a bit of a yell of surprise that brought fellow firefighters to his "rescue!" they all laughed! needless to say my husband was hearing about it for days and was cleaning the confetti up for days. Each shift would ask what happened in here? For months maybe even years after that whenever I gave him a card he would hold it away from himself with a grin never knowing what would happen. hope you like my little story.
stamping sue

Denise Bryant said...

Here is mine...
When I was pregnant with my daughter, (who is now 31!), I was heavily involved in raising exotic birds. We had pairs of several kinds of birds, all housed in an outdoor aviary, with nesting boxes, etc.
Early in my pregnancy, with some anticipation and some anxiety, I dreamed about the upcoming event. In my dream, it was time for me to go to the hospital. In order to alert my husband that it was time, I sat up in bed and yelled out, "The baby is hatching, the baby is hatching!".

Linda R. said...

I enjoy Friday Funnies so much that I think we owe you some laughs, so here's mine:

Brothers, Fred and Ted were together at a family party. Ted asked Fred if he could watch his cat for a week while he was off traveling for business. Fred agreed. So Ted went off on his trip, confident that Kitty would be cared for properly. A few days went by and Ted called Fred to check on how things were back home with the family. They chatted for a bit and at the end of the conversation, Fred told Ted his cat had died. Ted was heart broken and in shock. "Fred, how could you be so mean? You were too blunt. You should have broken the news gradually. You could have told me one day that the cat got outside and is up on the roof. The next day you could tell me she fell from the roof; and the third day you could tell me she died. I would be so much more prepared for bad news." Fred reluctantly agreed and promised to do better next time.
A few days later, Ted called home again to check on their family. "How's mom?" he asked Fred. Fred paused, thought for a moment and said..."Well...Mom's on the roof."

Karen said...

My husband has started using the "voice recognition" app for texting. He was at the Doctor's office, and I received this text: The Dr is checking my articles. Articles? I texted back. Arteries! he responded

Sue D said...

Mine is a short one.

A friend of mine bought a chicken and an egg from I'll let you know.

Mary-Anne V said...

My kids always make me laugh. When my daughter was 3 I overheard a conversation she was having with her older brother. She calls her older brother chetta as a sign of respect. "Chetta, Mamma calls me Holy Cow when I get hurt." Then she said to me "Mamma, why do you call me Holy Cow?" Then when my eldest was 3 also his uncle asked him what his dad did and he said "Dada goes to the office." Then he was asked what does I did and he said "Mamma works for me and Natalie!" (because I'm a stay at home mom. Hope that brought a chuckle!