Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Rectangle Box Template Variations

Last week, we posted variations of projects that Debbie Fisher made with the 10189X Tall Bag Template stamp. This week, she's come up with some fun twists using a different stamp from the Gifts In A Snap Collection, namely the V1-1223 Rectangle Box Template:

You may have seen examples of the standard assembly, as printed on the front of the wood mount and shown here (filled with cocoa), here (filled with a gift card), here (filled with candy), and here (filled with a sweet snack mix). They all include the front "cover" flap, as well as the peekaboo window option on the inside, which lets you view the contents of the box.

But if you're feeling a little more mysterious...or just want to try something simpler and/or a bit faster, you can skip the flap and window completely, and make only the box itself:

The sentiment is from 11045MC Sundae Birdy Clear Set and perfectly complements the patterned cardstock.

You'll also want to fill this one up with goodies, of course:

There are all sorts of other treats that can fit inside, such as packs of gum, lip balm, jewelry, throat drops (for a get well box), and my personal favorite...lots of cash, ha ha! (But, seriously, it really is a fun and unique way to present money or gift cards, beyond just using a standard greeting card.)

If you've already starting planning for the holidays, I'm in awe of you here's a cute Christmas variation (with stamps from 11136MC Rejoicing Angels Clear Set, drawn by artist Tammy DeYoung):

And, finally, Debbie developed these charming apple boxes, which utilize the template stamp instead of wood:

"I used to do lots of wood working," recalls Debbie, "and this is where I got my inspiration." She filled the boxes with dried beans to make them heavy before gluing them shut and decorating with the apple image from 11229MC Sentimental Fruit Clear Set (drawn by artist Trudy Sjolander).

If you click on the above image, you can get a better view of Debbie's coloring (the "skins" of the paper-pieced apples were covered with a darker shade of pencils to add depth) and sponging (to add definition and give the boxes a vintage look).

What else can YOU think to put inside these boxes, Inky friends?


Anonymous said...

LOVE those apple boxes!

stamping sue said...

great boxes
stamping sue

Sue D said...

I think I have this stamp in my stash somewhere. I will have to pull it out and play with--thanks for all the great ideas. I wonder if a card game would fit in there.

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