Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Try It Different" Tuesday: Sparkly Stained Glass

We're celebrating the arrival of autumn with a card on our main Inky site that features the warm color palette of turning leaves and a lovely inspirational message:

Michelle Pearson created the above card with 11200MC Squirrel & Acorns Clear Set (drawn by artist Nancy Baier), and then she used the same set to get really fancy with the Sparkly Stained Glass technique:

The results are so sparkly, with all that beautiful glitter to capture your attention! It's easy to do, and the bold lines of these designs from our Handcarved Autumn collection work beautifully here.

"One tip is to stamp on acetate with Stazon ink," suggests Michelle. "Glitter the back of the image starting with the darkest color of glitter first. Keep your glue as thin as you can. The first time I did it on the acorns, the glue was too thick and it dried, and [now] I can see a white smudge where the thick glue was."

"Gradually work your colors lighter as you go," she continues, "tapping off [the glitter from] the image well in between. I do this while wet because it would take FOREVER [to wait for each section to dry] otherwise. I don't have a problem, as long as I'm careful not to get my fingers in it."

Stamps from Nancy's Scissor-Cut Scenes collection also work very well. In this main image from 11220MC Bear & Bees Clear Set, Michelle used a variety of contrasting glitter colors that work beautifully together:

"Once [the glittered image is] dry," says Michelle, "I trim my images out and then attach to my card with glue dots."

That's exactly what she did in this version, where the main image is colored more conventionally with Copic markers and the glittered pieces serve as a bright accent:

Today's final card is a mix of both sparkly and matte elements, which work together in perfect harmony:

"Bonus...you will have glittery dust bunnies after doing this technique!" tempts Michelle.

Have YOU made your own Sparkly Stained Glass cards, Inky friends?


stamping sue said...

yes, I have ended up with a glittery floor. lol! have you tried doing this technique with sticky back paper that works well, too.
stamping sue

Sue D said...

Oooh--very pretty. I am not usually a glittery person but I may have to give this a try.

Katie said...

These cards are beautiful! I have never tried this technique and love the effect. Thank you for reminding me about my Inky Antics fall stamps, I will have to pull them out! Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.